Keputusan DXing 9M61MJ

Terima kasih Team Johor. 9M61MJ dgn 4024 log sepanjang event cq merdeka. Anda semo mmg terbaik. Tq juga pada hunting station. Jumpa lg pada tahun 2019. Ayuh Malaysia ku! Ini kita punya!

Present the special callsign to support 61st Malaysia Independent Day on year 2018 and available on :-
Date : Start -  01 August 2018 
       End - 01 September 2018
9M61MJ is one of 14 state in Malaysia will cover on HF / VHF band also with SSB, CW & Digital.
This call locator is OJ11TU , place at South Peninsular of Malaysia (Johor)
Station Master : 9M2ZAK & 9M2ESM
Station Manager : 9W2WPZ
Log Manager : 9W2JMW
Operator : 9M2ZAK, 9M2ESM, 9W2WPZ, 9W2JMW, 9W2VTW, 9W2JQD, 9W2KVW, 9W2ENL, 9W2VMM, 9W2JQG

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