CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest 2019

CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest 2019

Date : September 28-29, 2019
Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday
Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday

CONTEST EXCHANGE: RST report plus CQ zone number of the station location

Rules : https://cqwwrtty.com/rules.htm

Rule Differences from CQWW SSB/CW Contest
Identical wording is used for both the RTTY and CW/SSB rules where the intent is the same. However, there are some key differences for the RTTY:

  • No 1.8 MHz operation
  • Multi-Single: 8-band-changes per clock hour, rather than a 10-minute rule
  • Contact points: Different-country contacts within any continent (not just North America) get 2 points
  • -  Same-country contacts get 1 point
  • Third multiplier for QSOs with US/VE stations

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