MARTS Disaster Emergency and Communication Center (MDECC) would like to announce at 22 DEC 2021 WED, 1000h the center will be running on 9M4D.

All amateur radio station may report via ;
1) MARTS National Linking repeater
2) HF
i) 3600kHz LSB
ii) 5353kHz USB
iii) 7130kHz LSB
3) Public may reach us via 03-9543 8806
HF calling procedure, make a longer call and specify which frequency that you're using, eg;
9M4D 9M4D 9M4D this is 9M2PRO calling on 5353,
Calling 9M4D 9M4D this is 9M2AIS on 3600, calling 9M4D from 9M2AIS on 3600.
9M4D HF is on scanning mode.

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